Pisces Characteristics

Astrology for Pisces ( February 20- March 20)

Know all about of Pisces Characteristics

Rashi Character:Di, Dee ,Du, Doo ,Tha ,Jha, Ja ,Ana ,De, Day, De ,Do, Dau ,Cha ,Chi, Chee

Being the Twelfth sign of the Zodiac cycle, Pisces is represented by the symbol of Fish. Pisces are caring, compassionate, imaginative, sensitive, adaptable, and devoted. Pisces are good at performing well in every field of life whenever they are independent.They always need someone as their partner otherwise they will move into their imaginative world. They are very loving and loyal towards their friends and always ready to help them to any extent. They consider their friend�s problem of their own. They are having a good level of creativity which helps to make their place among others. Pisces have a very good understanding power and can easily accept new ideas. They can observe and listen to things carefully around them.

Pisces are very much self pitying and self destroying in nature. They like to live a mysterious life which is divided into reality and imaginations. They easily got hurt and go into depressions. They are considered as escapees as they do not have so much guts to face any hard situation and fight against it. They are very emotional people as their each and every matter is directly connected to heart.

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