Libra Characteristics

Astrology for Libra (September 24 - October 23)

Know all about of Libra Characteristics

Rashi Character:Ra, Rha ,Ri, Ree, Rhi ,Ru, Roo, Rhu ,Rey, Ray, Rhe ,Ro, Rau, Rho, Rhau ,Ta ,Tii, Tee, Thee, Thii ,Tu, Thu, Tho ,Te, The, Tay

Being the seventh sign of the Zodiac cycle, Libra is represented by Weighbridge sign. Librans are peace lovers, socially active, easy going, dignified and friendly. The residents of Libra are in the habit of helping others and cannot deny anyone for anything. This sometimes give them very much stress in their life. Their presence is loved by the people because they are very soft spoken and good-humoured. As the sign of Librans denote balance and equilibrium they always want everything correct and fair. They are very good acquirer and also lovers of beauty. Librans are very diplomatic in nature and get their things done anyhow. They not even think of the other persons feelings.

Librans are not great achievers because they take everything in an easy to go manner. The residents of Libra are very weak in taking good decisions. Librans are sometimes very lazy and do not value important things around them. They are helpful for others but demand many things in return also whenever required.