Weekly Love Aquarius Horoscope

Monday, October 14, 2019 - Sunday, October 20, 2019

For love matters, this week seems to be fruitful; however, Saturn aspecting you will keep you meddling with obstacles. If you are honest towards your relationship, then you’ll see a good time. Also, the presence of Rahu will add a sense of excitement between you two. Hereby, you can plan to see a movie. In the meantime, you have to open up your mind and heart in front of your beloved so that s/he can understand you better and rectify any mistake if done. If talking about marital life, then the presence of Sun in your seventh house can make a little haughty and arrogantly superior, due to which you’ll try to keep yourself up in every situation. Try to avoid bringing such feelings within you to make up for a good marital life. Keeping these traits at bay will only make you realise the positive changes marriage has brought in your life.

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