Aries-Aquarius Compatibility

Aries Man - Aquarius Woman Compatibility

There is a lot of understanding, care and love between this pair. If woman is loving than man is very energetic and this adds to their combination. The man gets advice and support from the woman in every department of life. The family life is also very well flourished in this combination.

Aries Man - Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Both the persons have lots of differences in their approach towards life. They avoid to solve their problems by sitting and talking to each other. Both of them even dont’ discuss their small issues between them. The woman is full of emotions whereas the man follows a practical approach towards life. The man like to be socially very active which is not accepted by woman. She likes firmness in life. Sometimes womans’ behaviour is so bossy that the man just hate it. They also face problems in having offsprings.

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