Chinese Horoscope 2018 - Year of Dog

We are bringing you the Chinese Horoscope 2018 that is based on the 12 animal zodiac signs. Our predictions will provide you the information related to the year 2018, that what it is having for you in store as per the Chinese astrology.

The 2018 Chinese New Year is starting from February 16th 2018, ending on February 4th 2019 and going to be the Year of the Brown Earth Dog. The forecast will help you to know about the different aspects of life like health, wealth, prosperity, career, good luck, challenges, difficulties and remedies. So, let’s not wait and go through the Chinese Horoscope 2018 for the 12 animal zodiac signs.

Rat Chinese Horoscope 2018 Astrology

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Rat Zodiac Sign

As per Chinese Horoscope 2018, Rats needs to work with full concentration when it comes to give time to their hobbies and desires. You will remain busy at workfront and should work to develop your creative skills to maintain a reputed position in your job. Handling your financial matters smartly will help you in future. Lots of opportunities are waiting for you, so be ready to grab them. You will be inclined towards new relationships. Giving time to your loved ones is also important.

Ox/ Cow Chinese Horoscope

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Ox Zodiac Sign

As per Chinese Horoscope 2018, Oxen natives will get a chance to learn new things, this year. The time is in your favour that is why getting a good job is on your cards. Financial conditions will remain under control, but there is no harm in being attentive in these matters. Love life will move on smoothly and you might even plan a vacation with your lover. Paying attention to mental stress is must, so it will be better to go for exercise, enjoy life and relax yourself as much as you can.

Tiger Chinese 2018 Astrology

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Tiger Zodiac Sign

As per 2018 Year of the Brown Earth Dog, this year will be a flourishing year for Tigers. You have to adjust a lot at professional level. You must concentrate on your goals as they will make your future, better. Expenses will increase in this Chinese New Year. You might get attracted towards new relationship, but it is suggested to not to cheat your lover. Success will be all yours if you keep your mind and body stable.

Rabbit 2018 Chinese Astrology

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Rabbit Zodiac Sign

As per Rabbit Predictions for 2018, this year has a lot for you in store. There might be some delays that will try to affect your determination level at workfront. Finances will increase with new job opportunities. The love relationship will improve if you bring trust and adjustment in it. The time has come to execute your plans, but at the same time keeping yourself fit is also important. You have work hard to lose weight, as it might create problem for you.

Dragon Horoscope 2018

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Dragon Zodiac Sign

As per Chinese Horoscope 2018, this lunar year will be very happening and interesting for the Dragons. Success will be at your doorstep due to your adjustable nature and quality to accept new things, faster. Your cards are showing uncertainty at workfront. You need to control your expenses to keep yourself financially stable. Relationships will move smoothly without any tiffs. Giving time to some sport, just as a hobby, will keep you fit. Some problems might come in your way, but you know to keep yourself happy.

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2018

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Snake Zodiac Sign

As per Chinese Zodiac 2018 Horoscope, Snakes will have a very fast going year. Year of the dog will be favourable in terms of trying for a new job. Some unexpected expenses might bother you, so it will be better to do savings. You have to control your emotions otherwise they might affect your marital relation. There will be lots of things that will happen at a very fast pace and might affect your health. Proper exercise and meditation is necessary for better health.

Horse 2018 Astrology

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Horse Zodiac Sign

As per Chinese Zodiac 2018, Horses will again be seen moving, as always they are. The main thing that you have to keep in mind is the balance to be maintained between personal and professional life. Other areas of life also need attention otherwise the results would be fatal. Life will move at a very fast pace for Horses, so without wasting any time you have to live every moment happily. You have to stick to the reality of life and should not be fascinated towards materialistic things.

Sheep 2018

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Sheep Zodiac Sign

As per Sheep Horoscope 2018, this year will bring lots of changes in the life of Rams. The decisions that you make in this Chinese Lunar Year 2018 will be based on your instincts and energy. You will remain busy at workfront in this year, so utilize your time properly. You have to avoid any arguments in business. Financial condition will be good throughout the year. Relationships will go smooth if you handle them with patience and maintain a better communication. Overall, this year is a flourishing year for the Rams if you do the things in a disciplined manner.

Monkey Chinese 2018

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Monkey Zodiac Sign

As per Chinese Horoscope Predictions 2018, Monkeys will be gifted with a great power of intuition and perception, this year. Now, it will depend on Monkeys that how to use this power to get success. Remain friendly with everyone at your workfront. Financial condition will improve if you handle these matters with patience. In this Brown Earth Dog year, you will do well in your relationships. The time has come to throw away the burden of all your debts and pending bills. You have to move on in your life and must leave your past bad experiences, behind.

2018 Chinese Astrology for Rooster

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Rooster Zodiac Sign

As per Chinese New Year 2018, Roosters might get trapped in some confusion, this year. You have to give proper attention to your job if you really want to save it. The same efforts you have to do for your relationships to keep them in a better condition. You have to take each and every decision very carefully and thoughtfully. You should also be prepared to face the aftereffects of your decisions.

Dog Chinese 2018 Astrology

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Dog Zodiac Sign

As per Chinese Horoscope 2018, Dogs will have a very splendid and fabulous year. You will have strong willpower inside you and a great concentration level, throughout the year. You have to keep yourself prepared for some tiffs that will bother you in your job, but in the end your hard work will be recognized. There will be lots of changes that might come in your relationships. You have to take care of your health also. The energy hidden inside you will help you to do constructive work and achieve your goals.

Pig 2018 Chinese Astrology

Chinese horoscope 2018 for Pig Zodiac Sign

As per Chinese Pig Horoscope 2018, the year will be full of luxuries and peace for Pigs. It is the right time to enhance your professional skills and increase your network at workfront. Budgeting is very much necessary, this year. Your love life will be challenging, but you are capable enough to overcome them. Going in the depth of problem and taking measures accordingly will help you a lot to get the correct solution. Several good opportunities are there to come into your life, so be prepared to grab them.